Centralized aliases

Michael Svendsen michael at NSEC.DK
Thu Jan 2 22:18:57 GMT 2003

You just have to arrange a so called "drop-box" ;)

A possible solution could be:

on your DMZ-mailserver you have to add one account for each domain.
In your virtusertable just add:

@yourdomain     domainaccount

On your LAN-mailserver you shall use fetchmail (you may already use
fetchmail now)

in your .fetchmailrc you shall have something like:

poll DMZ-mailserver with proto pop3 user domainaccount there with
password "hidden" is * here

That should work ;)

> > One minor annoyance is that if the aliases (as well as every
> > other valid
> > email address) are not defined on the proxy then the mail is
> > rejected.  So,
> > all the email IDs and aliases have to be on the proxy.  But
> > if any ID or
> > alias is not ALSO defined on the mail server then mail sent
> > from the LAN to
> > that ID tends to bounce since the mail server (correctly)
> > thinks the mail is
> > destined to itself but does not find the ID or alias.  So,
> > user IDs and
> > aliases need to be defined twice, identically, in both the
> > server and alias.
> Maybe I'm missing something here, but I can't see why you need to
duplicate your aliases - unless your mailscanner box isn't set up to
relay for your domain.  I use mailscanner in front of an exchange box
and my mailscanner box doesn't know any of my users names.

Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards

Michael Svendsen
Newage Security

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