sendmail 8.12.7 squawking after MS 4.11-1 upgrade

Jeff A. Earickson jaearick at COLBY.EDU
Thu Jan 2 16:31:55 GMT 2003

   I upgraded from Mailscanner 4.10-1 to 4.11-1 this morning.
Afterwords, sendmail 8.12.7 starting complaining:

[ID 702911 mail.warning] File descriptors
    missing on startup: stderr; Bad file number

I've seen a pile 'o these this morning.  I dropped back to 4.10-1
and sendmail shut up.  I upgraded from 8.12.6 to 8.12.7 on Dec 31,
so this may be a new feature/bug of sendmail.  The complaint above
comes out of sendmail's main() routine.  A quick look at the
sendmail code, and it looks like sendmail is checking that the stdio
file descriptors are available, and complains if not.  Maybe stderr
is closed/gone in MS when a sendmail process gets launched in 4.11-1?

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