ANNOUNCE: Version 3.27 and 4.11

Steve Hickel smhickel at CHARTERMI.NET
Thu Jan 2 16:19:28 GMT 2003


Thanks for all the work. Thanks for helping me troubleshoot my virus
scan 'not-sure-it-is-scanning' issue the other day. Turns out it was
scanning outgoing message, it just doesn't put any message in the body
like my home system does, which I haven't figured out why not yet, but
it is scanning.




On Wed, 2003-01-01 at 06:48, Julian Field wrote:
> Happy New Year everyone!
> I have just released updated versions of both V3 and V4.
> The only change for V3 is an important security fix, which you can easily
> apply without upgrading if you don't want to. See the ChangeLog below for
> details.
> There are many improvements and changes for V4. A few of them are:
> - Security fix is included
> - Modify Subject: line to show a message has been scanned
> - Stop MailScanner replying to mailing lists that send it viruses
> - Quarantine-cleaning script included
> - Virus scanner update cron job replaced by global updater script
> - Full installation instructions for FreeBSD
> - Improved AntiVir, Sophos, F-Prot and F-Secure parsers
> Also, in the spirit of Perl tradition, there is now a MailScanner Poetry
> page for all you closet bards out there. Contributions are most welcome :-)
> It can all be downloaded as usual from
> For completeness, here is the entry from the ChangeLog for V4.11:
> *Security*
> - *** Important Security Fix ***
>    You must edit the "sendmail -bd ..." command in your init script and add
>                            -OPrivacyOptions=noetrn
>    as otherwise people could maliciously bypass MailScanner on servers that
> are under heavy load.
>    It is *vital* that you protect yourself with this change.
>    However, please note there have been no reports at all of this problem
> being actively exploited.
>    It is included in the init scripts that are part of the RPM
> distributions, so RPM users just need to upgrade to the latest mailscanner*rpm.
> *New Features and Improvements*
> - Added 2 more configuration options to modify the subject line whenever a
> message is scanned (but no other subject line changes have happened) so it
> is obvious to all that the message has been scanned. By default this will
> (if enabled) add "{Scanned}" to the end of the Subject: line.
> - Added "Never Notify Senders Of Precedence" configuration option so that
> you can stop MailScanner replying to postings to mailing lists and other
> bulk mail.
> - A modified version of Steve Patterson's "clean.quarantine" script is
> included as a daily cron job. It is disabled by default. Edit it to see how
> to enable it. If you edit it, it will not be over-written by later upgrades
> to MailScanner.
> - Written an update_virus_scanners script which updates all installed
> scanners. This is called hourly, as daily wasn't often enough and RedHat
> don't offer anything between hourly and daily.
> - Implemented full support for BSD with installation instructions based on
> the tar distribution.
> - Added Swedish translation of all reports.
> - Added Spanish and Slovak translation of language strings.
> - Added wrapper script for inoculan.
> - Added an AntiVir autoupdate script.
> - Improved AntiVir parser to handle new output format.
> - Sophos parser improved to detect Sophos complaining about being given 1
> part of a multi-part archive. Gets flagged as a virus.
> - F-Prot and F-Secure parsers improved to handle unusual virus names and
> quieter handling of archives containing infected files.
> - Added "$filename" variable expansion in sender warnings. Used it in the
> English versions of the sender warnings.
> - Completely new daemonising code to fix problems with ssh sessions
> refusing to die.
> - Added "startin" and "startout" parameters to init.d scripts for RedHat
> and SuSE.
> - Improved error reporting slightly in configuration compiler.
> - Spam logging now includes the recipient domains as well as the sender.
> - Incoming Queue Dirs can now be a file listing directories which include
> wildcards.
> - Added the message's subject line to the sender spam reports.
> - Added a "sleep 5" in between the stop and start in "restart" in the
> init.d script.
> - Creates quarantine directories as required.
> - Added link checking in code for finding incoming queue dirs.
> - Added note for McAfee users about avoiding symlinks with anything even
> remotely connected to McAfee itself.
> - Added "Poetry" page to the web site for Nick's idle thoughts...
> *Fixes*
> - Fixed problem of orphaned queue files being left in incoming queue when
> MailScanner child processes are killed half-way through clearing a message.
> - Fixed file locking code in so Exim users do not have to have
> the config files owned by exim.exim instead of root.root.
> - Fixed Exim missing-characters-from-start-of-message bug.
> - Fixed SpamAssassin "timeout 260 of 20" counter bug.
> - Fixed EximDiskStore file locking bug.
> - Fixed bug where unscanned messages are not properly archived if not
> archiving as raw queue files.
> - Fixed bug stopping Exim collecting large message batches.
> - Changed default virus scanner from "sophos" to "none".
> --
> Julian Field
> MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support
Steve Hickel <smhickel at>
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