ANNOUNCE: Version 3.27 and 4.11

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Jan 1 11:48:50 GMT 2003

Happy New Year everyone!

I have just released updated versions of both V3 and V4.

The only change for V3 is an important security fix, which you can easily
apply without upgrading if you don't want to. See the ChangeLog below for

There are many improvements and changes for V4. A few of them are:
- Security fix is included
- Modify Subject: line to show a message has been scanned
- Stop MailScanner replying to mailing lists that send it viruses
- Quarantine-cleaning script included
- Virus scanner update cron job replaced by global updater script
- Full installation instructions for FreeBSD
- Improved AntiVir, Sophos, F-Prot and F-Secure parsers

Also, in the spirit of Perl tradition, there is now a MailScanner Poetry
page for all you closet bards out there. Contributions are most welcome :-)

It can all be downloaded as usual from

For completeness, here is the entry from the ChangeLog for V4.11:

- *** Important Security Fix ***

   You must edit the "sendmail -bd ..." command in your init script and add
   as otherwise people could maliciously bypass MailScanner on servers that
are under heavy load.
   It is *vital* that you protect yourself with this change.
   However, please note there have been no reports at all of this problem
being actively exploited.
   It is included in the init scripts that are part of the RPM
distributions, so RPM users just need to upgrade to the latest mailscanner*rpm.

*New Features and Improvements*
- Added 2 more configuration options to modify the subject line whenever a
message is scanned (but no other subject line changes have happened) so it
is obvious to all that the message has been scanned. By default this will
(if enabled) add "{Scanned}" to the end of the Subject: line.
- Added "Never Notify Senders Of Precedence" configuration option so that
you can stop MailScanner replying to postings to mailing lists and other
bulk mail.
- A modified version of Steve Patterson's "clean.quarantine" script is
included as a daily cron job. It is disabled by default. Edit it to see how
to enable it. If you edit it, it will not be over-written by later upgrades
to MailScanner.
- Written an update_virus_scanners script which updates all installed
scanners. This is called hourly, as daily wasn't often enough and RedHat
don't offer anything between hourly and daily.
- Implemented full support for BSD with installation instructions based on
the tar distribution.
- Added Swedish translation of all reports.
- Added Spanish and Slovak translation of language strings.
- Added wrapper script for inoculan.
- Added an AntiVir autoupdate script.
- Improved AntiVir parser to handle new output format.
- Sophos parser improved to detect Sophos complaining about being given 1
part of a multi-part archive. Gets flagged as a virus.
- F-Prot and F-Secure parsers improved to handle unusual virus names and
quieter handling of archives containing infected files.
- Added "$filename" variable expansion in sender warnings. Used it in the
English versions of the sender warnings.
- Completely new daemonising code to fix problems with ssh sessions
refusing to die.
- Added "startin" and "startout" parameters to init.d scripts for RedHat
and SuSE.
- Improved error reporting slightly in configuration compiler.
- Spam logging now includes the recipient domains as well as the sender.
- Incoming Queue Dirs can now be a file listing directories which include
- Added the message's subject line to the sender spam reports.
- Added a "sleep 5" in between the stop and start in "restart" in the
init.d script.
- Creates quarantine directories as required.
- Added link checking in code for finding incoming queue dirs.
- Added note for McAfee users about avoiding symlinks with anything even
remotely connected to McAfee itself.
- Added "Poetry" page to the web site for Nick's idle thoughts...

- Fixed problem of orphaned queue files being left in incoming queue when
MailScanner child processes are killed half-way through clearing a message.
- Fixed file locking code in so Exim users do not have to have
the config files owned by exim.exim instead of root.root.
- Fixed Exim missing-characters-from-start-of-message bug.
- Fixed SpamAssassin "timeout 260 of 20" counter bug.
- Fixed EximDiskStore file locking bug.
- Fixed bug where unscanned messages are not properly archived if not
archiving as raw queue files.
- Fixed bug stopping Exim collecting large message batches.
- Changed default virus scanner from "sophos" to "none".
Julian Field
MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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