MailScanner support

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Thu Feb 27 21:01:11 GMT 2003


> >I don't believe you have to charge VAT on services to non-EU clients (done
> >this before), or to equivalent-registered EU ones (see Joker's registration
> >pages); I'll check though.

> I've had a contractor's accountant check it, and you do have to charge VAT
> as you are providing the service from within the UK. It doesn't matter
> where the recipient happens to be, it matters where I am.

Sounds strange, we deliver services to many european countrys. Those
supply their VAT number, and we dont have to calculate VAT afterwards. SO
to say a null tarif. Thats possible with any company withing europe, if
it has a valid VAT number.


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