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Thu Feb 27 19:06:45 GMT 2003

El 27 Feb 2003 a las 18:25, Julian Field escribió:

> How about you create a "Faq-o-matic" authoring hints page with these items 
> in it?
I'm trying to... but there's a permissions problem that when I try to create 
a new item it keeps asking me for username/password (as if I didn't have 
enough permissions), but it _does_ create the empty entries.

Alas, I don't know much about faq-o-matic permissions 'cause I'm running one 
in a closed environment where everyone has permission to do quite anything...

Feel free to erase the empty "New Item" entry and folder in 

If you want, create a new top category like "faq on faq" or something like 
that and I'll try to add a couple of hints over there...  

Mariano Absatz
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