F-Prot Lock file error

Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Mon Feb 24 17:21:18 GMT 2003

> At 18:37 23/02/2003, you wrote:
> >I have looked for this one in the archives with no luck, so
> I hope someone
> >knows the answer:
> >
> >/etc/mailscanner/autoupdate/f-prot   ran at 4:27 this
> morning and created a
> >lock file: /tmp/FProtBusy.lock, containing:
> >    Locking for updating FProt virus files by 20397
> >   Unlocked after updateing FProt virus files by 20397
> >
> >Then later that day, I got this:
> >   Cannot create /tmp/FProtBusy.lock,
> >   Permission denied at /usr/share/mailscanner/logger.pl, line 64.
> >
> >/tmp/FProtBusy.lock was still there -- shouldn't the script
> have deleted it?
> If you are using Exim or not running MailScanner as root, you
> may hit this
> problem. You want to ensure that the user who runs the
> "autoupdate" script
> is the same as the one that MailScanner is running as.

What I have done (for the mcafee lock file) is after the autoupdate script
is run for the first time, I just chown the lock file to the user I run
MailScanner as (mail).  Then either the MailScanner or root can lock that


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