FYI: new f-prot available (3.12d)

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Feb 24 11:33:15 GMT 2003

MailScanner has a fixed short command-line for all of the virus scanners
that does not depend on any user input, and is therefore not vulnerable to
this attack.

At 06:23 24/02/2003, you wrote:
>A followup since came back up.
>* Julian Field (mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK) wrote:
> > You haven't got the original posting have you? I can't find it and
> > appears to be unreachable from here.
>Original posting
>And according to 2 posts to the list, f-prot 3.12a[1] and 3.12d[2] are not
>vulnurable.  According to the advisory, 3.12b[3] is vulnurable.
>1 -
>2 -
>3 -
>Matthew Davis
>Either he's dead, or my watch stopped.

Julian Field
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