Spam Assassin 2.50 and MailScanner

Scott Adkins adkinss at OHIO.EDU
Thu Feb 20 15:46:51 GMT 2003

Okay, now that 2.50 is out, I am wondering how the bayesion stuff will
work with MailScanner.  I am still trying to understand how all of that
works... my understanding is that there is a per-user database of what
is typically classified as spam and non-spam (ham).  I also believe that
using a global bayesion database is not such a good idea, since what one
user thinks is spam may not be another user's spam.  So, if this is on
a per-user basis, I don't see this working at all with MailScanner, since
it really doesn't have a concept of users when it is processing the mail
in the message queue.  Any thoughts on how this will all work together?

While I am at it, I might as well ask this too:

I know that Spam Assassin is supposed to support ~/.spamassassinrc files
(or something like that) which would allow users to set custom scores,
add stuff to their white/black lists, etc.  (I may be wrong on all this,
but I thought that was the case).  Again, I don't see how MailScanner
would allow this to work... Thoughts on this?

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