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> > > Two questions...
> > >
> > > 1) Is there any way of identifying Sophos as being 'well out of 
> > > date', and firing off a warning 'Your AV scanner is 
> really old and 
> > > creaky' sort of message as part of MS?
> > >
> >Normally you get mailed an error message (its not a very helpful 
> >message
> >though) from the autoupdate script when Sophos stop 
> supplying IDE's for
> >your version at which point it needs updating urgently.
> I have improved the script so that the error message should 
> now be more helpful.


Our "sophos-autoupdate" script stopped working recently because the
/etc/wgetrc file (on Linux RedHat) had been replaced and thus
information about our http proxy server lost.

The "lynx" command (actually a "wget -q -O- ..." command was eventually
timing out after 19(?) retries (since there was no route to the host)
and an attempt was then being made to unzip a non-existent
"" file by the sophos-autoupdate script! 

Will your mods to the error reporting deal correctly with these sorts of

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