Checking Mailscanner

Dan Bowen dbowen1 at MAC.COM
Thu Feb 20 06:36:05 GMT 2003

Yes Actually,  I just did that today.  it is very simple though, and
not mailscanner specific.  What it does, is check the mail queue
directories at regular intervals (30 minute cron job in my case) and
email the postmaster when any of the queues get more messages than an
allowed number in them.  The script includes the queue name and the
number of messages in the queue.  I can email it to you if it sounds
like you would like it, it's in perl.

Dan Bowen

On Wednesday, February 19, 2003, at 01:50 PM, Matt wrote:

> Has anyone written a script that checks to ensure Mailscanner is
> scanning
> messages for viruses and if not email a warning to the system admin?
> I am running Mailscanner 3.27 and F-prot on a Raq4i and for some
> reason it
> stopped scanning yesterday and naturally one of my users got infected
> with a
> virus in that time.  I stopped it, killed it and restarted it and now
> it is
> going again.
> Matt

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