Cobalt/ Sendmail Problem

Gavin Nelmes-Crocker gavin at NETERGY.COM
Tue Feb 18 23:10:36 GMT 2003

Ok Guys, I'm starting to knock my head against the familiar brick wall.

The Problem

I think this is possibly specific to Cobalt or more possibly something
stupid that I am doing and I just can't see what.
First I rebuild a Cobalt and install all the patches (actually this bit is
automatic) Then I do the web based setup :- domain, password, time zone etc
and then I go about installing Mailscanner using a script and the rpms.
stop sendmail and startup MailScanner.  Now I look at the maillog and I see
everything is working normally except that when MailScanner writes a log
entry it shows as a time almost exactly 8hours earlier than the RaQ is
running.  I know there can be 2 system times the motherboard time and the OS
time but I can't remember where or how to see the different ones and make
sure that they are synced.

I used to see this problem when I took the MailScanner src rpm and rebuilt
it then installed it now I see it every time I do a blooming install, this
is driving me nuts I have a pkg all done to release except for this error.

Bear in mind that I have a production server running exactly the same setup
and using the same install script that I am now using (I've even ditched the
pkg and gone back a step to try and isolate if I screwed up somewhere)

I've discussed this briefly with Julian off list but don't want to pester
him.  Maybe someone can see the wood through the trees and point me in the
right direction.



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