SV: MailScanner & SpamAssassin

Anders Andersson, IT andersan at LTKALMAR.SE
Tue Feb 18 16:42:03 GMT 2003

Unless is to much of a hassle to add it I think it could be usefull.
Probably not for reader of this list but for the admins to help
users by pointing to webbpage for info, create filter rules etc.
Shouldn't be on default but an an option would be nice


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> Från: Julian Field [mailto:mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK]
> Skickat: den 18 februari 2003 17:13
> Ämne: Re: MailScanner & SpamAssassin
> At 16:07 18/02/2003, you wrote:
> >It would be neat to have a means to insert a block of text 
> into the body
> >that would explain to the user in simple terms that the mail gateway
> >suspects this to be spam, and gives them options on how to 
> take action to
> >block further messages like it.  Maybe there's already a way to do
> >this...I'm not familiar enough with MailScanner yet to know.
> So, some sort of an
>          Inline Spam Text Warning
> and
>          Inline Spam HTML Warning
> and an option to turn them on/off.
> What would happen when a message was spam and also contained a virus?
> What do other people think of this idea?
> Would this be widely used?
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> Julian Field
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