Automating MailScanner.conf upgrades

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Feb 17 20:59:14 GMT 2003

At 20:11 17/02/2003, you wrote:
>Thanks for this excellent script Julian!
>This will save me tons of time when doing upgrades on several

I got fed up of doing it the hard way too. After sitting down explaining
the problem (to my long-suffering lodger!) I realised that it wasn't that
hard to do.

>Will the script be supplies with every version of MailScanner? Would it be
>possible to have the script even detect a 4.x version of MailScanner and
>have rpm run the script on the default installation paths?

I didn't really intend it to go and fetch the new rpm for you. But it
should work with just about any version of MailScanner as it doesn't use
anything outside the 2 conf files supplied on the command line. It will
even do *some* of the work upgrading V3 to V4.

>I tried it on my MS systems and it works like a charm!

Cool :-)

>On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, Julian Field wrote:
> > Morning all,
> >
> > The biggest pain in doing an upgrade of MailScanner is working out what has
> > changed between your current MailScanner.conf and the new one.
> >
> > So I have written a tool to help you do this. It will
> > - copy over all your old settings into the new file
> > - copy over all the comments you have added to settings
> > - add the default settings for all new settings
> > - delete obsolete settings
> > - print a summary of what it has done,
> >    including the settings that were added/removed
> >
> > It is attached to this message. To find out how to use it, just run it and
> > it will tell you.
> >
> > The only time it will run into trouble is when the supplied value for a
> > setting is commented out, and you have uncommented it. It can't tell the
> > difference between lines like that and normal comments. So Exim users
> beware!
> >
> > It can't be perfect, but you should find it helps.
> >
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Julian Field
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