Not processing

Mozzi linux at
Mon Feb 17 07:23:41 GMT 2003

Hallo all, 
I hope you all had a verey good weekend.

I am still having problems with my scanner server.

I have a lot of messages in my in que
[root at mailscan spool]# ls | wc -w

And for 3 days now it is not being processed or sent out.

I have done the following:
Changed from perl 5.6.0 ->5.8.0 downloaded sources and compiled myself
Installed all modules from C-PAN
Reinstalled MailScanner from the tarbal and started up the sendmail in and out 

I can see the process in ps
[root at mailscan spool]# ps ax | grep Mail
15725 ?        S      0:00 /usr//local/bin/perl -I/opt/MailScanner/lib 
15726 ?        S      8:26 /usr//local/bin/perl -I/opt/MailScanner/lib 
15728 ?        S      8:24 /usr//local/bin/perl -I/opt/MailScanner/lib 
15729 ?        S      8:26 /usr//local/bin/perl -I/opt/MailScanner/lib 
15731 ?        S      8:28 /usr//local/bin/perl -I/opt/MailScanner/lib 
15732 ?        S      8:27 /usr//local/bin/perl -I/opt/MailScanner/lib 
17470 pts/3    S      0:00 grep Mail

But nothing happens.Tailing the logfile all I can see is bunches of spam being 
processed	but they never go out of the que.
The rate @ witch the messages get processed also worry me as it looks 
extremely slow



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