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Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Feb 16 22:29:13 GMT 2003

Okay, I have got a solution. This has been tested on Steffan's system and
appears to work fine.
It appears that RAV does not work unless STDIN is tied to a real tty.

Let us know if this solves the problem for you. Unless I hear otherwise, it
will be included in the next release.

At 20:04 16/02/2003, you wrote:
>On Sun, 16 Feb 2003, Tony Johansson wrote:
> > If I send the very same virus files through MailScanner and rav, nothing is
> > reported though... They get delivered as uninfected
>That's exactly what I have here.
>Is there anybody who is running MS+sendmail+rav who could give us a hint ?
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