MailScanner is not processing files in /var/spool/

Daniele Antoniazzi daniele.antoniazzi at ACCENT.IT
Fri Feb 14 16:07:17 GMT 2003

Thanks Kevin,

the directories are all owned by root and MailScanner is running as root.

Dir /var/spool/ contains both qf and df files, they are OK.

Actually I've just one process running MailScanner, that I can see with
ps, and not 5. You say that there could be some problem with conf file;
I've not tweaked a lot it, I've just enabled virus scanning, and enabled
sophos as antivirus. Is there a way to understand if it fails in
processing conf file?


Spicer, Kevin wrote:

> Have you checked that the user running mailscanner can read and write to incoming and  And that the permissions that sendmail is queing files with make thoses files readable and writable by the mailscanner user (probably this is root - so it shouldn't really be a problem).  Does contain both qf and df files?  Anything in the logs (mail logs go to syslog by default on Sol2.6 IIRC)?  How many MailScanner processes does ps show (normally 5 unless you've tweaked this - I've seen it fail to fork children, at least ones that survive, when the configuration file has an error in it)

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