messages routing - MailScanner not working

Jody Cleveland Cleveland at MAIL.WINNEFOX.ORG
Wed Feb 12 20:39:49 GMT 2003


> Is your relay_domains file setup with each domain that is
> supposed to be routed?

I'm using webmin for all the configuration, and I have all the domains
listed in the Relay Domains section.

> Also does your MX point to the mailscanner box ?

Yes. All 30 domains have identical dns mx settings.

> Is your mailertable setup to the forwarding to the exchange server ?

/etc/mail/mailertable is completely empty. But, mail does successfully get
routed through from all 30 domains to the exchange server. It's just that
only one out of those 30 gets "seen" by MailScanner.

Any ideas?

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