question for sendmail experts

Brad White brad at LTINETWORKS.COM
Wed Feb 12 00:26:49 GMT 2003

You can easily do this with the mailertable feature.  If you are running a recent RedHat it's enabled in the cf already.  You add an entry like this into /etc/mail/mailertable:     smtp:[ip.of.internal.server]
Then in /etc/mail/relay-domains you add the domain name that you added above, on a line by itself. 
Then, while in /etc/mail, type make all, and for luck restart mailscanner(can't remember if this step is required).
Change your mx record to point to your mailscanner server and your done.  Mail will come from the Internet, hit you scanner, get scanned, and the requeued for delivery to the real server.

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	From: Mack Ragan [mailto:ragan_davis at COLSTATE.EDU] 
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	Subject: question for sendmail experts

	I need some hints.  I would like to have all incoming mail hit my
	mailscanner/sendmail box, be scanned/cleaned, and then be sent unaltered to
	an internal mail server for delivery to internal mailboxes.  By unaltered,
	I mean I want the messages to be exactly the same minus any mailscanner
	changes.  I know there's some way within to make this happen,
	but I can't seem to find the right combination.  Anyone have any
	suggestions as to how I should configure sendmail?
	MailScanner v4.12-2
	Sendmail v8.12.7
	RedHat Linux v8.0
	Thanks for your help!

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