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Mozzi linux at
Tue Feb 11 14:14:16 GMT 2003

Hallo all
I am posting here in the hopes that someone can help me, I am out of ideas :(
I have setup mailscanner on red-hat 7.3 with sendmail using the rpm's
I used the standard sendmail install just modified the file.
This is meant as a mailgateway

Now my problem begins
I put a domain in my mailertable eg:           smtp:[]

Now it keeps on giving me a local config error and doesn't pass it along to 
the other server where the pop3 is on.
If I put it in the access file or local-host-names file it just says the 
username doesn't exist as it should.
For some reason I just cannot persuade sendmail to pump the mail for any 
domain through to the other box.

I am getting beyond reason here. Please help
*pulling hair as we speak*


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