not OT: html2txt (was Re: OT: html2text)

John Rudd jrudd at UCSC.EDU
Mon Feb 10 20:25:59 GMT 2003

Speaking of "html2txt", or "striphtml" in the mailscanner spam actions
... I'd like it if mailscanner had an option for handling html emails
apart from the spam actions.

It would be a rule that can have one of three values: "striphtml"
(remove html mime segments replacing them with in-line notices that an
html segment was removed), "html2txt" (convert html mime segments to
plain text segments, not deleting any of the mime segments, with an
in-line notice at the start of each of the segments that used to be
html saying "was converted by ..."), "as-is" (don't modify anything).
And it could also be set to have a rule file, so that the preference
could be set on a per-sender or per-recipient (or both) basis.

I would find such a feature VERY useful at home.  My wife loves to send
and get html encoded email.  I _HATE_ it.  I'd love to have the copy of
mailscanner I use at home set up to do "html2txt" for mail coming to me
and "as-is" for going to my wife.  (I only mention "striphtml" as an
option because 1) mailscanner already has code for that, 2) I know some
people prefer to just drop those segments instead of converting them
... but that would'nt be useful to me)

I'm not sure if I would also use the feature at work, or not.

On Monday, Feb 10, 2003, at 01:16 US/Pacific, Remco Barendse wrote:

> Is there any simple way of using the html2text feature also on regular
> files not received by e-mail?
> I have some html files that I wget from the website but I need those in
> plain text, not html code.

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