OT sendmail and ODMR (ATRN) ?

Spicer, Kevin Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK
Mon Feb 10 15:21:36 GMT 2003

> Hi,
> Sorry for the OT.
> Ive moved mail hosting providers, and need to use ODMR (ATRN) 
> in place of previous
> fixed IP address SMTP.
> I've searched the sendmail docs but cannot find any reference to ATRN.
> Does this mean sendmail does not provide ATRN functionality, 
> and I'll have to
> move to a different MTA ?
> Anyone else on the list currently using mailscanner with any 
> MTA supporting
> ATRN ? - Please help !

I don't think sendmail supports ATRN, but it does support ETRN if thats any good for you.  However you can't run sendmail with ETRN enabled on a MailScanner server (ie the machine that mail is being downloaded from) as ETRN commands cause sendmail to send out mail in its incoming queue, bypassing mailscanner.  However I think you should be able to use ETRN to fetch mail to a local machine and then pass it through mailscanner locally (not sure on the details though!).  The other possibility, which may or may not be useful - depending on your exact setup and volume of accounts - is to use a pop3 server on the remote end and collect mail using fetchmail, which in turn passes to sendmail and mailscanner.

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