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First point all MX records to the MS Server. In sendmail, you can use
mailertable and pump messages meant for one domain to a specific IP/Host.
Use that feature to send mails to hosts that serve that domain. Make sure
the MS machine is the SMTP server for all outgoing mails from those servers
using SMARTHOST definition if you want them to be scanned.

You may want to look at the recent thread on using tmp file systems in
memory to enhance mail processing speeds.

No of domains is not an issue. It is the number of messages per hour. Make
sure your machine has enough juice to crunch as many mails. If it is a high
volume mailserver, I'd suggest you get MailScanner to restart every hour
instead of standard 4 hours to avoid memory leaks/ MS hangs.

MS will cope up with this comfortably - thanks to Julian's untiring efforts.


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Now I want to make that machine my gateway. point all mx records there
accept all mail, scan it and then pass it along to the main mailserver.
Now my problem it is for over 4000 domains and growing!!!
And secondly how do I do it ?

Just a kick in the right direction will help me a lot allready, a howto will
be nice ;-)


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