Plain Text issue

Paul Hamilton paul.hamilton at
Thu Feb 6 23:13:42 GMT 2003

Hi all,

Taking that we are continual tweakers and fiddlers, this could well
be something we've done.

If we send an email with 'Eicar' or a 'VBS' attachment as a test from our
machines with Outlook 2000 in 'Plain Text' mode, when it arrives back
MS we get the correct notices, but what is worrying the recipient's notice
has the
eicar or VBS file still attached, It does not contain any viruswarning.txt
attachments and the warning message in the body is missing.

We're at MS 4.10-1

I'm sure this is something we've done?

Has anybody the original syntax for the 'inline.warning.txt'
so we can compare and see whether we have altered something that
is causing this problem.

Many thanks

Paul H.

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