Spam.whitelist.rules file question

Quentin Campbell Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
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> >So you are saying that he needed to put 
> instead or in 
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> Instead.
> Normally the thing in the rule is (a pattern matching) the 
> email address. But if it doesn't contain any letters, it 
> interprets it as (a pattern
> matching) the IP address.


Is the ~MailScanner/etc/rules/EXAMPLES file correct?

In its "Spam WhiteList" examples it gives:

From:     123.234.                            yes
From:     /^192\.168\.6[4567]/                yes

Assuming the first line specifies a Class B address range then that
should allow for addresses to be whitelisted.

If the second line specifies a Class C address range then that pattern
should allow for addresses (say) but as there is no
terminating "." would that pattern work as expected? That is, I think it
should read:

From:     /^192\.168\.6[4567]\./              yes
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