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Florus Both florusb at ASCIO.COM
Wed Feb 5 10:23:03 GMT 2003

Here I have actually setup 'two layers':

The first consists of two machines with postfix where all external mail
comes to. Mail for our office will be sent to two other servers running
sendmail/mailscanner/sophos/spamassassin, and these forward it to the
exchange server (if found clean etc etc).

MX values for each layer is the same.

Looks something like this:
# external MX 10 MX 10
#internal MX 10 MX 10


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>I am looking to setup a cluster mail server (failover cluster)....

We are running a kind-of-cluster. It consists of two (identical
configured) systems. One is called mx1 and the other mx2 with identical
preferences in DNS (for the outside). We als have smtp which points to both
systems for internal use.

>I have few questions:
>1) Has anybody got a howto for sendmail/exim clustering?

The sendmail configuration is no different from a normal system. We only
made extra entries in some Makefile's which copy (cpio over ssh) the changed
alias and configuration files over to the other system.

We have discussed whether we would use a fail-over system, but we decided if
we have two system let them share the work. Both are powerfull enough to
keep up with the load when the other dies. This actually is the way we ran
after the fire. Only this week we are planning on putting the second system
back online again.

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