4.12-2 Solaris buglet

jj jjohanns at sewanee.edu
Mon Feb 3 19:44:27 GMT 2003

> Any comments from anyone else on the portability of "uname -s"?

root> uname -s
uname -s

And to add to that the -x option in check_mailscanner ps -efx dose not work
on our server L1000 HP-UX 11.0
The output from ps -ef also truncates the path to MailScanner

root  5676 28152  1 13:24:55 ?         0:00 /usr/bin/perl -I/opt/MailScanner

so if it fgreps for $msbindir/$process and those are set to MailScanner
and /opt/MailScanner/bin it does not return the pids of MailScanner
But after adjusting check_mailscanner to the output from ps -ef it works

Johannes Johannsson

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