FW: [SA-Announce] SpamAssassin 2.44 released

Evert Jan van Ramselaar evertjan at VANRAMSELAAR.NL
Sat Feb 1 16:55:41 GMT 2003

Hey list and Julian,

I suppose this one is still compatible with MailScanner?

  Evert Jan van Ramselaar  <evertjan at vanramselaar.nl>
  Van Ramselaar Info Tech  <http://www.vanramselaar.nl>

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Get it here:


This is a bug-fix release, which fixes the following bugs:

  - Backport fix for Bug 1306: Possible buffer overflow in libspamc when
    running in BSMTP mode (patch 1.15 -> 1.18)

  - Backport workaround from Bug 526: Failed sanity check because of
    clobbered STDOUT (patch 1.147 -> 1.148)

  - Backport fix for Debian Bug 160206: Insufficient buffer in libspamc
    (patch 1.8 -> 1.9)

  - Backport fix for warnings in sed_path (patch 1.141 -> 1.142)

  - Backport fix for Bug 1127: Existing lowercase x-spam-status header
    kills SpamAssassin (patch 1.40 -> 1.41)

  - localized %ENV to fix problem where Razor2 erases the PATH so DCC
    pyzor don't work, etc.

RPMs etc. should be out soon ;)

Note that this is *not* 2.50, which offers Bayesian filtering etc.
bugs are already fixed in the 2.50 CVS tree, but that is not yet ready
release.  This is a stable maintainance release only.


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