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Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Tue Dec 30 17:36:45 GMT 2003

talking about the devil...

y'know what'd be nice?

some syntax for "including" config files within a config file... don't 
confuse this with rules, but plain old m4 like '#include "xxxxx"'.

In this way, we could make configurations more manegeable... sometimes 
I'd like to allow a customer to edit some simple parts of the 
configuration file and not others, some other times, i want to find 
something within MailScanner.conf and I find myself /searchin' within 

I know it's a complex issue... but I can always dream to steer your 
thinkin' into more useful stuff than "let the virus pass" thing I myself 
asked :-)

El 30 Dec 2003 a las 11:25, Jason Balicki escribió:

> >Do lots of people want to be able to do this?
> It would be nice as an add on.  So, one vote in the "Hey Julian, 1000
> configuration directives *aren't* enough" camp.  :)

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