Allowing files whitelist

kfliong kfliong at WOFS.COM
Tue Dec 30 01:35:04 GMT 2003

I have tried putting this line in filename.rules.conf

allow   \QEODSmt(doc).exe\E$    -       -

But the file is still getting through. Is it because filetype.rules.conf is
processed first? As filetype.rules.conf also filter out anything with .exe
extension. Or is my line there wrong?

Thanks in advance.

At 11:52 AM 12/26/2003, you wrote:
>How do I allow this file, EODSmt(doc).exe, to go through MailScanner? As I
>know, brackets were not allowed in Perl scripts as file name. So, how do I
>make sure that this file can go through MailScanner as any .exe files are
>Can I put EODSmt*.exe ?
>Thanks in advance.


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