HTML msg quarantined is warning mail instead of content

Garry Glendown garry at GLENDOWN.DE
Mon Dec 29 21:16:25 GMT 2003

Stephe Campbell wrote:

 > Did this ever get resolved? I too have seen this happen, but not
 > consistently. The archives show nothing following the post below.
 > Fortunately, not many people ask for release of quarantined files here.

Nope, nothing yet - though the kludge mentioned to make MailScanner
store both the original message and header did help here ...

As to consistency ... I still haven't been able to reconstruct when the
contents and when mail message are stored, e.g. some rejected "FORM"
contents will have the "correct" contents saved, while other FORM
messages are falsely stored as the warning mail ... I have not had the
time to try and feed test mails to MailScanner and see if I can find two
messages that will (at least for me) consistently result in one being
sorted out correctly, the other incorrectly ...


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