Mailscanner and aol

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Mon Dec 29 09:43:32 GMT 2003

No, it's nothing to do with MailScanner but AOL's latest attempt to
reduce their spam levels. They have put in place a block on all mail
servers that do not have the correct DNS details set up (Including PTR,
EHLO/HELO name etc). Further details can be obtained by manually
telnetting on port 25 to one of their MX's. There was also some talk of
AOL having obtained the IP addresses of their mail relays and business
accounts and only allowing connections from them. I am not sure how
successful this has been as for example my ISP allocates IP addresses as
they are required and not by type from specific blocks, so I would run
with the information as given by their mail servers ;-)

Happy New Year


Sanjay K. Patel wrote:

>Is anyone having issues sending mail to AOL? Mail leaves our server but
>users at aol never get them. I was wondering if AOL was doing something to
>header with Mailscanner.
>Just covering all bases

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