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Mon Dec 29 02:05:13 GMT 2003

Okay, configuring a box (mdk9.2) running mailscanner, SA and f-prot to
protect an internal mailserver that is not directly accessible from the net
(local lan usage only). The net accessible box running mailscanner will be
configured to relay all inbound mail to the internal mailserver. The internal
mailserver will use the mailscanner box as it's outbound relay. The
mailscanner box is listed as the primary mx for the domain and only relays
in/outbound while scanning mail for spam and viruses.

Now as part of Mailscanner's setup, one sets up 2 instances of postfix, with
mailscanner doing it's work in between the 2 instances.  In a single instance
(standard) setup of postfix, setup to relay for the internal server would be
accomplished by setting (as per Blum's Open Source Email Security)

set postfix to no accept any messges even for localhost
relay_domains =

setup a transport table

create the transport database
postmap hash: /etc/postfix/transport

add to
transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport

reload postfix and all should be okay

Just want to make sure, in conjunction with Mailscanner, these modifcations
should be done for the outgoing postfix instance, correct? ie the
/etc/postfix dir ather than /etc/

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