Bayes Poisoning? Spam with negative BAYES Scores - ahhhh

Chris Yuzik chris at FRACTALWEB.COM
Wed Dec 24 18:42:55 GMT 2003

On Wed, 2003-12-24 at 10:36, Nathan Johanson wrote:
> This is a perfect description of the kinds of SPAM I've seen recently.
> And I'm with you, I'm a little concerned that "learning" these messages
> would tip the scales in the other direction and perhaps lead to false
> positives. However, I do think I will start catching these messages and
> learning them manually (on at least one of my production boxes).
> I do like the idea behind reducing the Bayes probabilities. Please let
> me know how this works for you. I'm curious if it's enough to fix the
> problem, or if it impacts your filtering in some other unforseen way.

Would it be useful, or even possible, to have MailScanner store messages
that have certain SpamAssassin rule hits? That way, we could keep an
archive of any messages that come in with a negative Bayes score.


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