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Our firewall blocks entire IP blocks with no traffic coming-in or going-out.
DNS is premitted to go out but only to those IP blocks which are not
blocked. The only way I see I can get RBL to work is by inputting an IP
address/range for the ORDB-RBL servers that mailscanner/spamassassin


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At 04:08 PM 12/23/2003, SW wrote:
>I'm trying to figure out what ip address and port(s) I need to open up on
>firewall to allow the use of ORDB-RBL w/ Mailscanner and spamassassin:
>MailScanner: RBL Check ORDB-RBL timed out and was killed, consecutive
>failure 1 of 7

It's a DNS query. You need to be able to do DNS resolution.

If your MS/SA machine is it's own resolving server, then it needs to be
able to query to arbitrary DNS servers.

If your MS/SA machine uses another server for resolution it needs to be
able to talk to that DNS server, and that DNS server needs to be able to
talk to query DNS servers.

You can tell what machine is being used as a resolver by looking at
/etc/resolv.conf. A machine that's it's own resolver will have "localhost"

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