I'm trying to get MailScanner to work

Billy A. Pumphrey bpumphrey at WOODMACLAW.COM
Tue Dec 23 19:16:34 GMT 2003

I got the issues with the mqueue resolved I believe, however I just
started over.  

I have a fresh install of red hat 9 gui now with send mail.  I also did
not install spamassassin off of the cd this time.

Now I get this when I try to run ./install.sh

"Your /usr/src/redhat, /usr/src/RPM or /usr/src/packages tree is
missing.  If you have access to an RPM called rpm-build install it first
and come back and try again."

I have got this message on one of my installs and never got it resolved.
Does anyone know how to get around this so I don't go pocking around
again and screwing up my fresh install?

Thank You
Billy Pumphrey

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>I have done some more with the help of people.  Here is what more I

Hi Bill,

You did have issues, initially, with the mqueue and mqueue.in folders.
those get resolved? Do you see any complaints in your logs about them?
your mqueue* folders jive with the MailScanner.conf file? How about
potential permissions on the folders; especially if you had to create


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