HTML msg quarantined is warning mail instead of content

Garry Glendown garry at GLENDOWN.DE
Tue Dec 23 04:41:43 GMT 2003

> In any case, my workaround is to set "Quarantine Whole Message = yes"
> and "Quarantine Whole Messages As Queue Files = yes" in
> MailScanner.conf since that functionality still appears to be working
> correctly.

OK, changed that ... only problem is, regular users will then have fun
when they d/l quarantined attachments, as they are not as easy to use
... so unless this is fixed in mailscanner, I recon I will have to
either code something (I did a small PHP script for users to download
their quarantine files), or put some instructions up on how to handle
the message files ...

Tnx anyway!


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