I'm trying to get MailScanner to work

Kearney, Rob RKearney at AZERTY.COM
Mon Dec 22 21:49:03 GMT 2003

1.  You don't want sendmail to start in addition to what mailscanner does.
    MailScanner will start a sendmail SMTP daemon process, and also a queue
runner for outbound mail (destined for you exchange server).
                Mail is delivered from externally to the
/var/spool/mqueue.in directory.
                MailScanner will "Pick up that mail" and link it to
                when all is said and done, MailScanner will drop it off into
                This is where the sendmail Queue Runner will pick it up and
deliver to your exchange server.

        For sendmail, make sure you have something in /etc/mail/mailertable
described like this:
                <yourdomain.com>        esmtp:[exchangeserver.domain.com]
        such that if you receive mail for "mydomain.com" and exchange server
is exchange.mydomain.com, the line reads:

                mydomain.com    esmtp:[exchange.mydomain.com]

        This line says for email destined for mydomain.com, send via ESMTP
to server in brackets (brackets prevent DNS lookups on MX records)
        then in /etc/mail/ type 'make mailertable.db' this creates a file
usable by the sendmail queue runner.

        Stop sendmail and MailScanner
                service MailScanner stop
                service sendmail stop
        disable sendmail in /etc/init.d
                chkconfig --level 2345 sendmail off
        enable MailScanner
                chkconfig --level 2345 MailScanner on

        start your MailScanner service
                service MailScanner start

        By doing ps -auxw |grep -i mail,
        you should see a "sendmail: accepting connections" line, a
"sendmail: Queue Runner" line, and several /usr/bin/perl.... MailScanner
lines (it make take several seconds before you see multiple MailScanner
processes startup")

        This all, of course, is assuming your MailScanner config is good
with SpamAssassin installed etc.


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From: Billy Pumphrey [mailto:bpumphrey at WOODMACLAW.COM]
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Subject: I'm trying to get MailScanner to work

Hello Everyone,
I have tried plenty o things including reading all that I could find
without going insaine :).  Pleae help, here are the details.

Situation wanted: To have the MailScanner machine sit in front of the
exchange machine to do the spam filtering and then relay it to the exchange
server.  (typical setup)

My knowledge leve: Good at windows, not so good at Linux.

There is a machine currently setup to do that but I screwed it up some
how.  The mail will go through the MailScanner machine and pass it to the
Exchange server but will not process any spam rules, and send mail won't
start unless I tell it to manuall.

Anyway, new machine, new install of Red Hat 9 GUI with sendmail and
spamassassin off the cd's.

- I downloaded MailScanner 4.25.14
- I tried these instructions:
and FAQ's and such.  I'm sure that I have just missed something some where
and hopefully someone can point it out to me.  I don't even know how to go
about testing to see if the first step was done right.

Here are some conflicts or differences that I have seen or made me confused
- does the ./install.sh make the mqueue.in folder?  My experience it didn't
and I tried making it manually via somewhere in the instructions above.
- I'm still a little confused on the path of the mail.  Is it mqueue,
mqueue.in then spamassassin and so on?

Please any help on this is greatly appreciated on where to start and go.

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