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Ulysees Ulysees at ULYSEES.COM
Mon Dec 22 16:49:53 GMT 2003

Currently I modify the subject of a certain list of domains using scanned
subject modify and a simple ruleset, works a treat.
If a mail for one of those domains contains a virus the subject turns into
"{scannedsubjectmodifytext !} {Virus?} Whatever the original subject text
Same kinda thing if it's spam.
A lot of the time this results in users not noticing the second tag, so I'd
like it to not have the first tag if the subject is being modified by
another rule.
eg "{Virus?} Whatever the original subject text was"


> Please give me a few examples of what you mean.
> At 16:02 22/12/2003, you wrote:
> >is it possible to have Scanned Modify Subject = $ruleset unless mail is
> >virus or spam ?
> >or that the virus or spam subject modifiers can either preceed or replace
> >Scanned Subject Text ?
> >
> >uly
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