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Bart J. Smit mailscanner at SMITS.CO.UK
Fri Dec 19 13:45:28 GMT 2003

I would like to implement a feedback feature where users can send false negatives and positives to a set of mailboxes, say spam and nospam. These would be scanned by sa-learn every hour on a cron job.

Of course it is far too easy for a spammer to submit their spam to nospam at mailscanner so I want to restrict the IP addresses that can submit mail to that box to the mail servers where my users are on.

The MailScanner.conf doesn't seem to offer an option for blocking messages in a ruleset. The closest I have seen is to block encrypted and unencrypted messages on the same ruleset.

Does this indeed block all messages? Is there perhaps an easier way to do this in sendmail?


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