SIGPIPE log problem

Stephe Campbell campbell at CNPAPERS.COM
Thu Dec 18 20:39:59 GMT 2003

I looked back through the mail I keep for MailScanner, and found numerous
responses about "I get these also", but no real solution to the problem of
the 'SIGPIPE received - trying new log socket' maillog entries.

This all started happening yesterday when I installed MailWatch. I had to
upgrade PEAR, which broke my Horde/IMP, which required upgrading PHP and
then upgrading Horde/IMP, (all because PEAR removed the isWarning function).
What a day!

I found one mailing that suggested removing a line from, but I don't
speak the language very well, so I'm not sure what to comment out.

I am running MS 4.24-5 & SA 2.61 on a stock RH 7.3 box. Does anyone have a
suggestion? I'm not ready to do anymore upgrades after yesterday, so MS 4.25
will just have to wait if that's the answer.

While I'm here, MailWatch doesn't seem to be locating any virus being found.
I use ClamAV. Sound familiar to anyone?


Steve Campbell
campbell at
Charleston Newspapers

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