Rejecting Mail at RCPT

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Thu Dec 18 16:47:19 GMT 2003


> >> Does anybody know of a way to get Sendmail to check with a remote
> >> SMTP server to see if a user is valid at the RCPT TO:?
> >> At my site, a good portion of the spam we get is to invalid users.
> >> If i can get Sendmail to check with the Remote SMTP server
> >> before it queues it, that would reduce the amount of spam on my site
> >> by at least 30%!

> > Put your users in LDAP and check with LDAP on your frontend servers.

> Does anyone whether its possible to check against Active Directory (it
> is LDAP after all)?  I tried once and failed - and never had the time to
> pursue it.  If so, is there a howto anywhere?

AD will allways be your 'master' but yes, you can still let it
authenticate via LDAP.


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