Spam/bounce problem

Tony Johansson tony.johansson at SVENSKAKYRKAN.SE
Thu Dec 18 14:26:03 GMT 2003

The outgoing queue is fine. Once the mail has been scanned it gets
delivered with no delay. Its that gets flooded.

Is it possible to use "Incoming Queue Dir" in much the same way as the
outgoing? How do I tell MailScanner to fetch messages from that queue when
it has nothing better to do?

Regards, Tony

On Thu, 18 Dec 2003 14:14:49 +0000, Julian Field
<mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK> wrote:

>At 14:04 18/12/2003, you wrote:
>>Is it possible to run bounced messages (from:<>) in a different queue with
>>lower priority? Any ideas on how to do this the MailScanner and sendmail?
>You can use a ruleset for the "Outgoing Queue Dir" setting.
>In MailScanner.conf put this:
>Outgoing Queue Dir = /etc/MailScanner/rules/outgoing.queue.rules
>Then in outgoing.queue.rules put this:
>From:   /^$/            /var/spool/mqueue.slow
>FromOrTo: default       /var/spool/mqueue
>         mkdir /var/spool/mqueue.slow
>         nice sendmail -q60m -OQueueDirectory=/var/spool/mqueue.slow
>No immediate delivery attempt will be made on messages put into
>mqueue.slow. They will just attempt a delivery when the once-per-hour queue
>runner sweeps the queue. The "nice" will make that queue runner operate at
>a low CPU priority so it can't steal the machine when it sweeps the queue.
>Julian Field
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