Svar: MailScanner restarting - mail stuck in

Jan Elmqvist Nielsen JEN at AH.DK
Wed Dec 17 20:28:00 GMT 2003

It is working now???

I made a rebuild af sendmail, becouse I got a lot of sendmail socket
Then a rebuild of the bayes database

When MailScanner seems to be working fine (with a mailscanner.conf from
another server) I try with the orig. conf file.
And it's working - don't ask why!

/Jan Elmqvist Nielsen

>>> sysadmins at ENHTECH.COM 17-12-2003 21:14:22 >>>
At 02:38 PM 12/17/2003, you wrote:
>It's seem to be a Spamassassin problem!
>If I disable Spamassassin i MailScanner.conf, MailScanner is starting
>Any ideas?
>/Jan Elmqvist Nielsen
> >>> JEN at 17-12-2003 19:07:56 >>>
>Hi Juilan
>Starting MailScanner daemons:
>          incoming sendmail:                                [  OK  ]
>          outgoing sendmail:                                [  OK  ]
>          MailScanner:       In Debugging mode, not forking...
>/usr/sbin/check_MailScanner: line 113:  2477 File size limit
>exceeded$process $config
>                                                            [  OK  ]

Please post your MailScanner.conf file.

Errol Neal

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