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Wed Dec 17 17:18:08 GMT 2003

New Guestbook-Entry from Brad Alpert

Am using your product here at a public utility in eastern Kansas, USA.  500-seat,<br />
<BR>Windows 2000 environment, Exchange 5.5 is the mail server.<br />
<BR><br />
<BR>I configured a RedHat 9 server with sendmail, spamassassin,  and MailScanner <br />
<BR>and it sits in front of the Exchange machine, which is on a private IP.  The<br />
<BR>linux machine handles inbound, scanning, forwarding, accepting back for<br />
<BR>outbound from Exchange, and sending outbound.<br />
<BR><br />
<BR>As a bonus, we\'\'re running ClamAV on it, too.<br />
<BR><br />
<BR>Works great!  I used this solution to replace a W2k product called \"Surf<br />
<BR>Control\" and have enjoyed a much better hit rate on spam.<br />

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