MajorSophos error

Baccari, Lou lou.baccari at HP.COM
Tue Dec 16 16:34:17 GMT 2003


 I'm trying to use the script from and I'm receiving the error listed below,  any ideas as to how to correct the problem?



Starting the MailScanner Sophos installation script
+ '[' no = yes ']'
+ /usr/sbin/Sophos.install
Clearing out old default Sophos installation libraries
Uncompressing Sophos distribution
/usr/sbin/Sophos.install: line 28: uncompress: command not found
Please cd into the directory containing the Sophos
script and run this command again.
+ sweepVer
+ '[' -f /usr/lib/MailScanner/sophos-wrapper ']'
+ '[' -f /usr/local/Sophos/bin/sweep ']'
+ printout 'Current Sophos version information follows:'
+ '[' no = no ']'
+ echo Current Sophos version information follows:
Current Sophos version information follows:
++ /usr/lib/MailScanner/sophos-wrapper /usr/local/Sophos -v
++ egrep 'Product|Released'
Error initialising detection engine - missing main virus data

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