Messages stuck in inbound queue

Joan Bryan joan.bryan at KCL.AC.UK
Tue Dec 16 11:11:45 GMT 2003

I upgraded MailScanner from  MailScanner from 4.24-5 to 4.25-14
yesterday but the number of messages in our inbound queue built up
steadily, although some messages were still being processed. Stopping
mailscanner and restarting did not help. Reverting back to 4.25-5
cleared the 22,000 messages that had built up. This configuration is
using exim 4.30 with exiscan with split inbound and outbound queues on
Solaris 9.

Any ideas as to the problem

Thanks as always for the great support

Joan Bryan
Unix Systems Administrator
Information Systems
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7848 2671
mailto:joan.bryan at

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