Slightly OT: humor

Randal, Phil prandal at HEREFORDSHIRE.GOV.UK
Mon Dec 15 17:43:06 GMT 2003

Just after I started implementing MailScanner here I got an email from a
vendor trying to sell me some proprietary software to do the same thing.  At
the bottom of the email was a notice asking me to click on the link below to
reclassify the message as spam/nonspam.

The link in question started:  http://192.168.

They got a curt reply back suggesting that if they wanted to make any sales
they should learn how to configure the product they were peddling.



Phil Randal
Network Engineer
Herefordshire Council
Hereford, UK

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> Just something to brighten a Monday morning.  I got an email
> the other day
> (at home) advertising a spam filter.  The subject:  "Stop
> email just like
> this one".
> Nothing like truth in advertising I guess...
> ...Kevin
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