Bogus "denial of service" messages, and postdrop not working

Jacques Caruso jacques at MONACO.NET
Mon Dec 15 16:16:39 GMT 2003

[repost. Sorry, my mailer sent the message at the wrong address]

Le Lundi 15 Décembre 2003 16:32, Julian Field a écrit :
> How you solve it depends on why it is happening. Are you using
> ClamAV, and if so does it complain about expanding a zip file when

Yes,  I am using ClamAV version 0.60+CVS20030916

> you try to scan one of the quarantined attachments?
> Or is your virus scanner taking 10 minutes to scan a file?

No, but I've greatly reduced the timeout (and the incriminated 
attachment was over 10 MB, which of course took too much time to scan). 
The server is quite overloaded, and I don't want to have batches of 
messages lingering there while new messages clog up the queue. Probably 
the best solution (short of upgrading the server) would be to avoid 
scanning large messages (IIRC, SpamAssassin has this very behaviour). 
Is there a way to prevent messages over a certain size to be passed 
through the antivirus scanner ?

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