Postfix message duplication - again!

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Mon Dec 15 15:22:20 GMT 2003

>>  > Even with the inherent insecurities and
>>  > complexities of maintaining sendmail.
>> Isn't this a little exaggerated these days? If I remember correctly I
>> have updated Sendmail twice this year and even if you might want to
>> reply that you haven't updated Postfix at all I don't feel bad about the
>> one hour I spent doing those two updates.
>> If you want Postfix as your internet facing MTA for security reasons,
>> can't you put up a simple relay machine with Postfix that delivers to a
>> MS/Sendmail-machine? Best of both worlds..?
> Yep definite possibility...bit expensive (twice) and introduces another
> point of failure to worry about.
I have to agree, I wouldn't run both. Seems a mite excessive :)
> I think you missed my point.  I was advising to USE sendmail instead of
> postfix when considering the issues related to postfix/mailscanner
> functionally....vs the effort involved in maintaining sendmail....I've
> migrated to sendmail...and just accepted the possibility of
> security/reliability issues with sendmail (if any arise)
I guess that's the option. It's a shame as I have found Postfix easier to
set up and since I last used Sendmail I have made the setup more complex
including maildir's, MySQL user list, virtual domains etc.
> CT
I have to agree that Julian offers much better support than the Postfix
forums and doesn't just enforce the 'that's the way it works' attitude.
It's just frustrating that two good programs just can't quite 'get it
together' in all situations (It worked fine on my Slackware box until I
move to Gentoo. No logic really).


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